{Future} Home Sweet Home

Monday, September 10, 2012


Our "offer" (aka where we asked for a bunch of shit & they gave us about half of what we wanted) has been accepted.

Let me give a little backstory. We went to visit the model and fell in love as soon as I saw the kitchen (true story). We got the numbers, came back a week later & negotiated a price and then had to pick our lot. A huge must-have for me was having a large backyard that backed up to trees (I didn't want a view of someone else's house or our neighbors being able to see into our bedrooms). Well we were told that there were lots that the developer had not yet released but the sales rep said they would be releasing them soon & suggested we ask for one of those. After going out to look at them, we decided on one and submitted our offer.

Well 3 days later, we hear back that the monetary part of the offer had been accepted, but the developer was refusing to release the lot we wanted because he (or she, but I'm guessing he b/c HE sounds like a dick) "had no immediate plans to develop those set of lots." Well this was possibly the worst news I could have gotten b/c there were no other lots available that had private backyard, there are only interior lots (IE sandwiched between other houses).

Some more negotiating took place. We wanted a privacy fence, which we couldn't get b/c the only fence approved by the HOA is a wrought iron style (which doesn't provide any real privacy) & 6 6-10' Cyprus trees planted along the back fenceline. I wasn't happy, but we accepted the offer.

The next day, we went to sign the change order & were told the other sales rep had coned off our house corners on the lot so we could get a feel for the backyard. Of course our house's floorplan is huge so I knew it wasn't going to be huge, but we got out there & I was furious; the back of the house to the drop off behind the house was 15 feet. FIFTEEN FUCKING FEET. (Sorry for the language, but I really did yell that and I was about to go Donkey Kong & start throwing the cones around.) So not only were we stuck in an interior lot, sandwiched between other houses, with no private back yard & no option for a privacy fence, but now we were stuck with a damn postage stamp yard?!

Commence immediate emailing back & forth to the sales rep. And me going to check out a bunch of other home builders & communities (my poor husband). Unfortunately (or fortunately, depends who you ask), I didn't find a single other model that suited our needs/wants, fit our budget, and just felt like the right home as the Rome. So, we decided to just deal with our postage stamp. I'm still pissed about it but logically I know we spend so much more time inside than out, that the house itself should be a perfect 10.

And there's our story. You win some, you lose some. Although I have to admit, to be able to have our dream house with an outstanding community (complete with lifestyle coordinator) & amazing school system for Fi, I can't consider it a total loss ;)


  1. As you've already noticed, I feel your pain and I sympathize. :)

  2. Geesh!! I know this does not feel good at ALL! I felt these same emotions when I was told we could not build Elevation E! I was in recovery for a few weeks! I know that we don't live on the inside; however, I would not want to minimize the importance of the outside of our home. It's our DREAM HOME!! Eventually, I recovered because I knew I had to be grateful for having the opportunity to build. I believe as others have mentioned that we will forget about the things we could not get because our homes will be so beautiful once we close. BTW-We have a small back yard space because we opt to be in a cul-de-sac with a long drive way was more important for us to have. So I give thanks!! I am just hoping that it still gives us the space to build the patio as I envisioned.

  3. I also fell in love based entirely on the kitchen. Only took two steps from the mud room into the kitchen to decide this was it for me.

    Good luck with your lot and build. It's hard to get absolutely everything you want (unless you win the lottery of course), but hopefully you'll find that the house, neighborhood and schools more than make up for giving up your ideal yard.

  4. That sucks, but at least you love the house!! What is a lifestyle coordinator?

  5. I hear you! We were frustrated by our lot choices also, but Massey is planned to be a huge community and the vast majority of all lots are interior. Rome with a morning room basically didn't fit on most of the lots offered, they had a single lot backing up to a major traffic artery that they suggested as our "optimal" (read: only) option. And the street was King's Bottom Road: imagine giving that address out for every form and pizza delivery for the foreseeable future! Luckily in our case most of the available lots were sold and new ones were coming out soon anyway, since it was a matter of physical fit they managed to get approval to get us on to one of the new lots.