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Thursday, September 20, 2012

And this is why sales people get a bad rap

Let me preface by saying my husband is in sales. Maybe I'm biased, and while it annoys me as his wife, he's a damn good one. Why? Because he goes above and beyond. He stays up working on things for his customers, he answers the phone every time it rings, he deals with emails as soon as his Blackberry dings (I want to throw that damn thing in the trash).

Our SR? Not so much. I liked him in the beginning; he was very quick to respond to our requests (of course, he was trying to get the sale) but now it's just starting to get ridiculous. As I mentioned before, it took almost two weeks just to find out what the double oven was going to cost us (every time we tried to follow up, we were told all the bigwigs were having meetings, they had inventory, yada yada yada). It took us three days to get him to respond back with the fridge space measurements (come on, he works in the damn model, he couldn't walk the 15 steps to measure it). It took over a week for him to get back to us about the useable back yard space (I don't know if I elaborated, but we receievd out plot review & it showed we had 30' of backyard even though when we measured ourselves when they plotted off the house corners, it only measured 15' due to a huge drop from our back yard). My husband even emailed him to tell him we had additional things we wanted to add/upgrade and not only did he (the SR) not bother asking what we wanted to add, he didn't respond PERIOD. Not even to acknowledge that we wanted to add things.

Not to mention, everything was yes in the beginning (which we turned out was a bad thing, since he told us yes to things he knew weren't an option/weren't available). Now, when we ask if we can get some form of discount to upgrade additional selections (and we only asked for 5%, when we know that's well below RH's direct profit range), we're told no. You can really tell the difference between how they treat new vs current "customers" and that is really disappointing.

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