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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Guardian- check

After reading some of the blogs, I had an idea what was available from Guardian. We considered having the above fireplace TV mount but reconsidered when we realized 1. we'd be craining our heads up to watch the TV and 2. we'd have to figure out where to put the stupid cable box and 3. the only reason I even want the fireplace is to have a mantel to use for decoration (yes, how stupid is it that we're paying 3k+ for a decoration holder), which wouldn't really wouldn't be conducive for mounting a TV on it.

We knew we weren't really interested in the "techie" things like surround sound, intercom, sound system, alarm system, vacuum, etc. (we've lived without them for so long & never had a moment where we felt like our quality of life would be improved if we had them) so we our plan going into this meeting was to only add cable outlets in the family room, loft, and each of the bedrooms; and thank goodness, because we blew a TON of meeting at that Rite Rug flooring appointment and our double oven fiasco is still ongoing. Of course, I did still have concerns because I didn't know if we were going to get "upsold" or given a sales pitch and we didn't know how much all of the outlets were going to cost, so we weren't sure how painful this meeting was going to be. (The last thing you want is to go into something with a plan, get show a ton of stuff that blows your mind, and not be able to afford it.) Thankfully our rep was awesome & that didn't happen. I didn't see any other options that I felt we needed and we were able to use our 4 allotted outlets (he said it's typically 2 phone, 2 cable) all for cable (we have not had a home phone in the five years we've been married, we plan to live in this house for at least 10 years & I think by then no one is going to be using landlines). So while my brother (a TW cable installer) told me it was a total ripoff to spend $125 per outlet since it costs less than $25 to do, we were still thrilled to leave there having only spent $250.

Our littler helper hard at work. Look at all of those things to mess with and can you believe she didn't touch a single one?! If only that was the case at home!

OK, she did mess with the vacuum they had.


  1. Thats awesome that you got to switch your phone jacks for cable. I didn't even think to ask that.

  2. Had I thought of it, I would not have requested anything from the "low-voltage" company. Had I thought of it, I would have petitioned for a PVC tube running from the basement to the attic and dropped my own cables. 1,000 ft of CAT6 is like $100. I'm paying $400 for maybe 120 ft of it? Others clearly see value in stuff like this, but to me it seems like a gimmick.