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Saturday, September 15, 2012

I am a shitty decision maker

We've already started researching appliances (refrigerators & washer/dryer since we're not having RH provide them due to poor reviews from the GEs they have available). I thought I was pretty much set on a Samsung and then I read some techie article raving about the LG LFX31935ST, which had a "super blast chiller" that can chill a bottle of wine or two cans in five minutes. Of course, then I decided I had to have that one. I don't even drink wine more than once every two months. And in the off chance that I do, I've never been in a situation where I've been so desperate to drink it that I needed it to be chilled in five minutes. But still, it made me second guess my previous Samsung pick. My husband is right, I am a total marketer's dream.

On another note, who knew refrigerators could be so pretty??
Samsung RF323TEDBSR


  1. To throw a wrench into your decision, we bought this similar Kenmore fridge and absolutely love it. It's huge and has an unobtrusive ice maker. =)


  2. These are some awesome fridge options. I like the Samsung with apps too! It's a cool feature, but I think they need to reconfigure the options with the apps according to some of the reviews.