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Friday, September 21, 2012

Does anyone buy GE without being forced?

Doing research for our appliances has been driving me insane. I knew since we didn't have the built in wall double oven option (yes, I realize it could be done, but we have already spent over 70k in upgrades/selections & adding it would cost a lot more) that we would need a freestanding gas range w/double oven. First I checked out the reviews on Home Depot/Lowes/Best Buy, then I cross-checked those against the reviews on Consumer Reports. And basically I've come to the conclusion that GE appliances blow. The reviews on all of their appliances are horrendous and I'm convinced that the only way they are staying in business is the deal they have with the new home builders (not only does Ryan exclusively use them, but so do Ryland Homes & Lennar).

As some of you already know, RH will not give you the option of providing your own appliances (which I think is a BS "code", considering ppl sell houses all of the time without appliances) so if we wanted to go that route, we would have to pay for the appliances through RH, have them left in the garage, try to sell them, them order our own & have them delivered & installed. OK, that sounds like a great idea when you're in the middle of moving.

So I think we finally picked the least shitty GE gas range double oven option (and if you remember, we have to pay the retail price of the oven, on top of the $1450 we already paid to upgrade the appliances to stainless steel), but then I got started researching the dishwasher that was included. Ugh. Yes, another hunk of crap. And it's ugly, too! So after another day of research, we picked what I hope will be the "lesser of two evils" of crappy GE dishwashers. So we sent this to our SR to find out how much this is going to cost us. Even though it's only $200 more than the price of the included dishwasher, I have a feeling they're going to make us pay the entire retail cost with this one as well. I'll warn you in advance that there will most likely be another "I'm Fed Up" post coming...


  1. We've only been in our place a week, and we do have the GE Profile line RH offered (Premiere II is what RH called the package) with the double wall oven, cooktop and dishwasher. We also purchased a GE Profile microwave to match. I'd say I'm quite happy with the quality of everything but the dishwasher. Dishwasher is not the best I've ever had, but not the worst either. It does get dishes clean -- you just may have to do a quick rinse. Probably will be replaced in the years to come, but certainly livable for now.

  2. I agree on GE: we've had bad personal experiences with the brand (our new washer that needed warranty work, and the repairman told us it was an ongoing design flaw that GE just didn't care to fix). I also found the awful ratings reviews on the dishwashers,etc. There was a gas range that RH offered in their packages that had good Consumer Reports ratings, but apparently was a lemon as far as repairs (knobs that aren't protected from oven heat and melt, anyone? $45 each). We are planning to chose our own after a little while, if you wait for a good sale or go to an outlet you could actually get new appliances for less than it would cost to buy the upgrade.

    I've heard that GE actually survives on government contracts as well as consumer retail sales, and that's why they're still around. I also think they're riding on their laurels since they used to be a good brand.

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