{Future} Home Sweet Home

Monday, October 8, 2012


When we originally picked exterior colors a few wks ago, we had a very whiny & squirmy toddler & made the decisions as quick as we could based on the very small popsicle sticks we were shown. There were very few combinations available and we started by narrowing down the stone that we wanted first (Kentucky). From there, Rob said he wanted "a color" for the shutters & door so they would pop & we picked blackwatch green. I wanted the darkest siding available, with which that combination only left us with Sandy Tan

After doing some googling & getting to see what full houses (in daylight) looked like with the Sandy Tan, I quickly changed my mind b/c I was really looking for a darker tan as I wanted a more Craftsman style house (which from searches & other blogs told me would be Stone Mountain Clay). We went back to the model this past weekend and re-picked our exteriors. This time around we ended up with the Stone Mountain Clay siding, Kentucky stone, and black shutters & door.

Of course, second guessing myself is one of my favorite pastimes worst traits and I was questioning my picks again as soon as I left the model b/c I worried it would be too much brown & all blend together (seriously, how do they expect you to be confident in your selections when you're going based on these tiny samples?!). Until I saw this Rome blog which, aside from having more stone, had very similar selections (including the same elevation). I'm so glad these RH blogs exist, how did we survive before the internet?!

From DavidC @ http://davidsonrome.blogspot.com/

Sunday, October 7, 2012


We went back to the model since we had to sign some change orders. I took additional pictures of the rooms I hadn't previously taken, used the new iPhone IOS 6 panoramic feature to take some shots of other rooms, as well as updated our selections/upgrades list.

Updated pics of the model


Monday, October 1, 2012

Finally, some decent news

We finally heard back on the pricing for our upgraded appliances. It wasn't great news, but it was better than I expected considering our previous experiences & letdowns. We will basically pay the same as we would retail for each of the 3 appliances, but considering they were originally saying we'd have to pay the full retail price ON TOP of the $1500 stainless upgrade we already paid, I will take it!

So it looks like we're getting our gas range/double oven, convection microwave & full stainless steel dishwasher with hidden controls (very important when you have a toddler that loves to press buttons...both the mechanical and the human variety).