{Future} Home Sweet Home

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Take a Tour

Here is a virtual tour from the community website

And here are some pictures of the Rome model home in our community.
The front porch

Living room (we'll eventually turn this into my dream library, but not until the kiddos are old enough to not pull all the books off the shelves & tear them up)

Dining room
View from the living room

Stairs & "mudroom" (aka hallway from garage)

Downstairs powder room

And the piece de resistance- the kitchen (with a view of the morning room to the right)
Huge pantry, this is going to come in handy with all of our trips to BJ's!
Morning room (Fi's future playroom)

Panoramic of the morning room & kitchen
 Family room
View from the kitchen
A panoramic (thank you iPhone ios 6) of the kitchen, morning room & family room

Study (Rob's office)
Another panoramic, can you tell I love the new ios 6??
Hopefully having Fi in the pic will give you a sense of the scale of the room-it's HUGE!

Panoramic of 1 of 2 master walk-in closets

Master bath
This tub has been Fi approved

Panoramic (2nd walk-in closet is the door dead ahead w/the orange wall)

Hall full bath

Bedroom #2 (set-up as a showroom for choosing cabinets, siding, brick, etc.) Will eventually be Squishy 2.0's nursery.


Panoramic of the loft (don't mind Fi's weird looking head, it looks that way b/c she was moving while I was taking the panoramic.)
 Bedroom #3 (Fi's room)
Fi already loves looking out the huge window

Bedroom #4 (which will be the guest suite until Fi is old enough to need a private bathroom to herself)


 Laundry room

 And just because I thought she was the cutest thing in the house


  1. Thanks for posting the pictures of the loft...we're building an E but the model in our neighborhood is a D, with a radically different front layout. It was hard to get a feel for the loft from the model. It looks like maybe the L is a cottage-style interpretation of the C, with a porch? Was the model also an L?

    1. Yes the model was also an L with stone (it's actually one of the things that sold us on the house). I'm not sure about the other elevations, we were told that the developer's requirement for the community was that all houses had to have a front porch so we haven't seen any without.

    2. That's pretty funny, actually...we had to fight to get anyone to acknowledge that there were any Romes that even HAD porches! I guess the E is new to our area. But I've noticed that there's essentially 5 layouts, A-E, and then the cottage style ones just have the tweaks that make them cottage. Just a theory based on the standard blueprints in the office (D & N have the same layout in the front, E & N do, etc). I had to ask if I could take a picture of that section of the blueprints because the model had me confused. :)

    3. Oops, that was supposed to be D & M, E & N.

  2. Hi Mama G, this is awesome! Thank you for sharing pictures of the ROME in your area! The closest ROME we were able to visit was in Bristow, VA approximately 1 hour away from the DC Metro Area.
    I have yet to see pictures of another ROME model until now. We are building a ROME, Elevation C with a front porch. In our community it was not an option until last week. We thought we could build Elevation E but the option was rescinded and I requested the front porch. It took nearly 6 weeks to get the front porch approved for our community. It is amazing how each community is so different.

    Feel free to follow our journey at ricknadase.blogspot.com and click the join this site button.

  3. Once again thanks for the pictures. I am building the ROME C and luck me the front porch is a standard in the area (fieldside in waldorf MD). I have a been deciding how to place the couch in the family room and after seeing these picture I will need to do a change order for my TV outlets. I wish the L model was offered in my area.

  4. I think I recognize your community: I've been there! We're in Massey, and if I'm right you're just a couple communities over from us, across the state line.

  5. This community is close to ours and the porches are bigger than others: when we asked for our porch they told us no because it would require the house to be moved back within the lot, but we got pictures of the porches (ROME C) from the other side of town and those were OK. dreamrome.blogspot.com