{Future} Home Sweet Home

Monday, October 1, 2012

Finally, some decent news

We finally heard back on the pricing for our upgraded appliances. It wasn't great news, but it was better than I expected considering our previous experiences & letdowns. We will basically pay the same as we would retail for each of the 3 appliances, but considering they were originally saying we'd have to pay the full retail price ON TOP of the $1500 stainless upgrade we already paid, I will take it!

So it looks like we're getting our gas range/double oven, convection microwave & full stainless steel dishwasher with hidden controls (very important when you have a toddler that loves to press buttons...both the mechanical and the human variety).



  1. That's great! I hear ya on the toddler. My 18 month old has taken great glee in stopping both my dishwasher and my washing machine in mid-cycle. At least in the Rome there's a DOOR to the laundry room! But we might be switching out our dishwasher rather quickly...

  2. Now that is definitely something to SMILE about! These are some really nice appliances! SCORE FOR YOU!!

  3. There are just some things I knew I could not control, therefore I picked and choose my battles!! therefore, I never researched the appliances because as you, we went over budget and just knew upgraded was NOT on option so I didnt totrure myself with research!! IN our incentive package we were upgraded to stainless for free so I thought I was happy enough with that.....

    We had looked at other custom builders also (Costa in PA) and you were able to go out and buy your appliances BUT they had to be in before the house would go to closing....its some kind of code with new homes, they must have appliances.....IDK why...