{Future} Home Sweet Home

Sunday, October 7, 2012


We went back to the model since we had to sign some change orders. I took additional pictures of the rooms I hadn't previously taken, used the new iPhone IOS 6 panoramic feature to take some shots of other rooms, as well as updated our selections/upgrades list.

Updated pics of the model



  1. Haha...I just upgraded to iOS 6 last night...haven't had much time to play with the panoramic though. It's pretty cool, takes good panos!

  2. I upgraded my phone to iOS 6 two days ago and had no idea the pano features were on my phone. The pictures the two of you posted are awesome!!

    Thanks Amanda and Mama G!

    1. I just noted your selections/upgrades! These are some great options! I can't wait to see the DIY project of the glass backsplash for your kitchen. They have so many beautiful palettes to choose from that it is amazing! Also, upgrading to the solid wood doors is a plus even though the entire cabinets are not wood. I am still happy to have the solid wood doors in my kitchen too.