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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

We're floored

Yesterday we met with Rite Rug to make our flooring selections. I was dreading this because the consultant told us it should take 2hrs and anyone that has a toddler knows it's damn near impossible to try and make an informed decision while fetching a thrown cup, handing a snack cup, & playing Choo Choo Soul song for the 15th time; I was sure it was going to take twice that.

Thankfully, we have similar tastes & just like what we like, so the majority of our decisions were made as soon as we saw "the one." And thank goodness for the iPad + Apptivity case; it managed to keep Fi occupied for almost the entire time we were there. The only negative was the small coronary I had when I realized how much additional money we were going to spend. {Seriously, if you're going to build a house be prepared to spend 60k+ on top of what the home costs. What's "included" is crap & once you see what you could have, there's no way to unsee it.}

So here's what we picked (except the secondary bath ceramic, I forgot to get a picture of that).

Our kitchen cabinets (Wyoming Cherry Bordeaux) & granite (Santa Cecelia)

Closeup of the granite (I wish you all could see this in person, it is so much prettier since you can't see the shimmery swirls in the pictures).

The wood laminate floors that will be throughout the first floor (Armstrong Illusions Autumn Mahogany)

Carpet that will be on the stairs & throughout the second floor (Shaw Siesta Twist Hominy) 

Tile & accent for the master bath

Vinyl for the laundry room

And our little helper.
As you can see, she took her duties very seriously!


  1. I like the mosaic tile accent for the master bath.

    1. Thank you! It was by far my favorite decision of the meeting :)

  2. Hi Mama G, I just found your blog! Welcome, Welcome, Welcome to the RH Blog Land!

    You have made some fantastic selections! I love your picture taking. I, too, love taking way more pictures than I have too.

    We are building a ROME in Maryland and I just absolutely love love love the floor plan.. It my family perfectly. My husband and I plus Harley our four legged mini schnauzer!

    If you want others to follow your journey include the "join this site" button on your blog and shut off the word verification on your blog, it is much easier for bloggers to leave a comment without always having to figure the ridiculous words. lol

    I would love for you to follow ours, please visit us at ricknadase.blogspot.com and click join this site it's the only way to follow.

    1. Thanks for the tips! Reading other Ryan blogs (like yours!) has been so helpful so far, I'm hoping we can help someone else in their process as well :)

    2. You are welcome! I just joined your site and can now follow your journey! YAY!

    3. Don't forget to join my blog site too

    4. I actually started following you guys a wk or two ago ;)

  3. We broke the bank on flooring and tile, and are glad of it. Looks like you will be as well. Great picks!