{Future} Home Sweet Home

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


The more time I spend in the new house, the more irritated I find myself becoming. Maybe I am expecting perfection since this is such a large purchase, but the lack of care they finished the house with is infuriating. Paint where there shouldn't be paint (both on the inside of the house and on the outside), no paint where there should be, dust and other "boogers" that have been painted over, most of the door frames have dents where wood missing & it's been painted over, scratches and the stain already worn off cabinet doors. Do the people doing this finishing work think we're not going to notice, or do they just not care b/c they know it's not going to be them fixing it up? My PM was already out once yesterday, a touchup guy started the work & has to come back tomorrow to finish, but I've already found 200 more things for him to fix! I feel like every time I turn around I am finding more crap, at this point I should just tell them what doesn't need to be touched up.


  1. Ohh, sorry you are finding so many goobers!!

  2. Welcome to the club. We found quite a few issues like that too. Luckily our PM has been great about fixing everything... hopefully yours will be too.

    1. We are a club arent we....read my last post on this thread, its on going also.

  3. Sorry, you are having to go through this ordeal!!!

    We have been blessed to find very very few things. My biggest hang up is the stain job on the railings. It's just sloppy!!

  4. We found many of those things and didnt feel bad about pointing them out and they were all addressed and fixed !!!

  5. This could have easily been my blog as well, word for word! Our 30 day is still going and every time they fix something they make it worse. I spend all my days off here at the house with fix it guys. A few days ago it took a drywall guy one day then a punch guy another day to fix some seams in our textured ceilings........Well........now they make them worse........and now my entire master bedroom ceiling has to be RETEXTURIZED and re-painted. Well one good thing, I am buying the paint I WANT on the ceiling this time....so the fix- its, turn into bigger fix its. I too have boogers all over my trim work, YUP painted right over them!!

    And I am the one who deals and organizes all these visits, not the hubby, he is actually starting to feel bad for me at this point....

    The also tried to fix our shower faucet 3x, they are now on the 4th time today, cutting a hole in the wall to get to it, it shifts all the time, maybe we can get it right today.


    I just wish there was LESS to fix....Im exhausted too...

    I can only imagine my list at our 10month..........OMG...lord help me...

  6. We just started painting and it's becoming obvious how terrible the drywall finishing/painting job was. I guess I didn't notice when all of the walls were white, but it seems like everywhere we paint there are those "boogers" (hehe) or little knicks or dents everywhere. It is very annoying that these people take no pride in the product they produce :(. Good luck getting everything fixed!