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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

You know I love a good deal

After much researching, which you probably already noticed I tend to go overboard when making a big purchase, I found our dream washer & dryer: the Samsung WF457ARGSGR & DV457EVGSGR (are you noticing a trend that we're going to be a house full of Samsung appliances?).
Seriously, have you ever seen a prettier washer??
And I can control them from my iPhone!

Then came the deal hunt. I read there may be some deals going on this upcoming weekend due to Presidents' Day so I thought it would be a great time to buy them, but I will be in Mexico and my poor husband would have to drag the toddler out in hopes of finding a good deal.

Thankfully I just so happen to be searching prices today and saw that Home Depot had them on sale for $1298 plus an additional $150 off each machine, free shipping, AND I scored 3% cash back through ebates! The only downside is the earliest delivery date is March 11, so we will be stuck washing our clothes in the river for two weeks ;).


  1. Great SCORE on the price!!! Your are right, they are some beautiful machines and I love the LCD screen. I love love love Samsung products!!

    I love how they have integrated the technology with their appliances. We have the Samsung fridge with APPS which is way too cool and the SMART TV! We have definitely become a Samsung household. We can even turn our old Samsung television into a Smart TV too. Not sure if you are interested but you can.

    How does the iPhone App work with your washer/dryer???

    btw--washing your clothes in the river--too funny!!

    1. There is an app so you can start/stop loads, plus see how far along they are in the cycle, and even get a notification when they are done (which is awesome, b/c I usually wash laundry at night and won't use the buzzer since it's across the hall from our daughter's bedroom. And I am always forgetting about the laundry in the wash & having to rewash it because it gets funky from sitting in the washer for too long :/).

      And we have such awesome neighbors, one told us we could use their washer & dryer during the day when they are at work!

    2. WHAT!? Shut the Front Door!! Those are the coolest features and the coolest neighbors! LOVE IT!

  2. lol washing in a river!! i hope at least one is conveniently close by till then :)

  3. Those machines look awesome!

  4. I wouldn't mind washing my cloths in the ocean for that deal lol, besides those are really nice machines.