{Future} Home Sweet Home

Friday, February 1, 2013

Three more weeks

Til closing!

We stopped by for our weekly visit & are so excited to see the progress & watch all of the details come together!

Siding was finished, pillars installed, stone complete, trim painted & lights hung this week! (Now we just need our shutters & front door.)
Living room, dining room panoramic (view from the mudroom)

Cabinets & counter tops are in (we plan to have our own backsplash installed, so we asked them to not install the granite "lip").
Panoramic of the kitchen, morning room, & family room
Closeup of our Santa Cecelia
Our master bath is coming together & I can't wait to use that tub! (Not sure what those black cords are?)
Panoramic of the master bath (so hard to get a picture of such a tight space!)
View from the back, and you can see our teeny tiny backyard :(
Another view of the front. I am so in love with the porch, stone & pillars!
Closeup of one of the two coach lights on the garage
Closeup of the stone


  1. Do you have a/where is your access panel for the masterbath tub jets motor. My PM put a cutout in the tile work which would be on a hinge. I was wondering why not use the closest but as long as it is pretty I am ok

    1. Crystal, When we did our pre-drywall meeting, the PM showed us where it would be & if I recall correctly, the access panel will be in the closet.

    2. That's where I thought it would be. Your rome is beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous!! I love the porch. http://buildingromemodelwithryanhomes.blogspot.com/