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Sunday, February 3, 2013


We originally chose the kitchen backsplash upgrade. When we went to select our flooring & tile, we hated the options available. Even if we upgraded to the highest level we could, we still didn't like what we had to pick from (and the cost was ridiculous, like $1500 IIRC, and I knew we could pay half that for something we really liked). So when we met with our PM, he said he could tell the counter installers to not install the granite "lip" & recommend someone to install our own backsplash after we closed.

Well now that our granite is down, we found two that we liked and went to compare it next to the counter. And of course, my indecisiveness is kicking in (it also didn't help that the majority of the counter was covered & I couldn't get a picture of the counter, tile, and cabinets together)!

Both tiles
Option 1- cream, light tan, seafoam glass with cream stone
Option 1 closer up
Option 2 (and my red shoe)- Light tan & brown glass with cream, light tan, and brown stone
Option 2 closer up


  1. Of those two, I think the second one is a better match. The only concern I would have is that St Cecilia has a lot of movement, so you may want to ensure the backsplash you use doesn't compete with the granite.

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  3. Both are gorgeous picks, but I agree with Ravenna120 about making sure it does not compete with the St Cecilia. Try really studying the pieces (more than one if you can) to make sure it won't be too busy when completely installed. The darker choice really highlights the dark movement in the St Cecilia, will pop against your cabinets and stainless appliances and would allow you to go with a wide range of accessory and paint colors. The tile with the the seafoam is a bit more subtle and brings in a permanent hint of color without accessories.

  4. I love the color blend with option #2

  5. Option #2 is definitely a great choice. It looks like the color palette is the same. This is what happened to me. I chose a backsplash not knowing what the granite was going to look like and when it was installed they both appeared to be in competition with one another which is what you don't want. However, what I love about my backsplash is the color palette resembles the pattern in the granite which I love love. So I chose to bring in accessories with muted colors to offset the two. Now that we have been living with it it feels perfect. So all in all--I took the risk and it's cool. However, most people will say take the safer route and choose a simple pattern from for the backsplash. I love your choice with option #2.

  6. Between the options, 2 is a better choice. However, the backsplash might compete with the granite because of the different color palettes in it.

    1. That was my main concern, and why we brought a sample to compare with the granite, but #2 actually has very similar tones with the beige & dark brown.