{Future} Home Sweet Home

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pre-settlement demonstration {in pictures}

Aside from the range swap out & them forgetting about all of the bedroom blinds, we only had some minor paint issues to clear up. Overall I am very, very pleased with our PM (which was a pleasant surprise considering the SR made the beginning of the process miserable to the point of considering pulling the plug completely), the house looks fantastic and we can't wait to move in and get settled!

Love that front porch!

Front Hallway
Panoramic of the front of the house (Living room to the immediate left, dining room to the left of that, kitchen straight ahead).

Living Room

Dining Room
Panoramic from the staircase (Dining room straight head, living room the left of that. Powder room to the right and kitchen [where my PM is standing].)

Panoramic from the Dining room (stairace & "mudroom" straight ahead, living room & front door to the right)
Powder room

Still need the fridge, pendant lights, & tile backsplash
Morning room
Family Room


Stairs (from the second floor)
Panoramic of the second floor from the staircase (Loft to the left [attic stairs are down], second bedroom [future nursery] straight head & master to the right) 
Master (from the doorway)
And from the bathroom doorway (you can see all of my blue tape on the baseboard)
Master bath
Jetted Tub & Shower
Jetted tub, can't wait to jump in there!
Shower. Glad to have a place to sit down & shave my legs now!
Hall bath. Disappointed that not paying for a double bowl also meant a single cabinet. We are planning to upgrade, since it looks silly with all that empty space between the sink & toilet. Plus it means the toilet paper holder is quite a reach from the toilet!
Bedroom #2, future nursery
Bedroom #3, Anneliese's bedroom
Panoramic of the other half of the second floor (bedroom #4 to the left, loft straight ahead, bedroom #3 to the right).
Bedroom #4, guest suite
Bedroom #4
Bedroom #4's full bath
Backyard. It doesn't look like much, but it's a huge improvement over what we originally had!
Panoramic of the backyard


  1. I LOVE your porch! And all of your hardwood floors. Everything looks great!

  2. That porch is just amazing!!! I am so jealous! We tried to get a porch on our elevation but RH wouldn't have it :(