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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Thank you, Sherwin Williams Coastal Cool collection

I don't know why, but choosing paint colors has been completely stressing me out. Like, major anxiety. My problem is that I'm not very coordinated, and while I know what I like, I don't really know what "goes together" when it comes to design. We stopped in our Sherwin Williams store last night and attempted, since we have a very hands-on toddler, to look at swatches. It was a total bust (there are way too many things at toddler eye level to get into), I grabbed as many of the swatches & color idea pamphlets as I could and we came home.

Thankfully one of those that I grabbed was the Coastal Cool collection and I fell in love as soon as I saw it; I am a total sucker for all things turquoise/blue-green/aqua, and having an entire palette of 20 colors to help me coordinate complimentary colors helped us to pick the colors for our entire first floor (don't get me started on the second floor)!

Unfortunately these colors aren't anywhere close to the swatches
Palette in the shade
In the sun
Entry, Mudroom, Staircase (and possibly Living room, Dining Room): Accessible Beige SW 7036
Powder room (possibly): Rapture Blue SW 6773
Kitchen: Sea Salt SW 6204
Morning room (AKA Fi's playroom): Cooled Blue SW 6759. This is probably my favorite color in the group!
Family Room: Watery SW 6478
Office: Scanda SW 6529
(These selections are subject to change, because I am super indecisive & a compulsive over-analyzer.)


  1. I'm indecisive too so don't worry. I have been stressing over everything.

    We have a lot in common. I'm in NC, from the midwest (MI) and have Adult ADD...BAD!

    1. Very cool! Where at in NC are you building??

  2. I'm with you! I am terrible at making decisions like this. I need to stop into SW soon for some inspiration!

  3. Hi there. Watery is a very bright blue on the wall. We used this color on our garage walls. We were surprised on how bright the color was when we started to paint but luckily it came out looking very pretty. As my husband said, it looks like we just painted the walls of a nursery for a little boy.

    1. Oh no! My favorite part about Watery was that it was a dusty blue so we may be back to the drawing board :/.

    2. Don't take my word for it though. Try the paint out on the actual wall.

  4. No I am the worst indecisive person ever......i made a decision and then change my mind....

    I didnt want shutters, now I want shutters after the fact..

    BUT paint I'm pretty good at actually............remember paint is the EASIEST thing to change......

    Buy little pints of paint that you like, paint a HUGE section on your wall in the middle of it, near the window in the low light and most light........I would pick like say 3 diff ones you like, get the pints, paid large boxes in all those areas and take a few days to look at them...............you cant go wrong!!

  5. This coastal vibe is very pretty! You made the perfect choices for your home. Follow your heart and you can never go wrong.

  6. Paint is one of the hardest things for me. But, we closed on Monday, started moving Wednesday night - the garage is full of boxes and I already had my gallon of paint popped open and paint on the walls in the kitchen :) and now I'm thinking of changing it... I've been trying to decide on a fabric for our new couch and chair, and I just go back and forth... Paid for it already, but can't decide on a fabric so nothing has been ordered yet...

    I have ADD too... but literally, so I guess that can be my excuse for painting instead of unpacking - come Monday morning I won't have anything to wear to work LOL

    I also have a trucker mouth, and had to "edit" my writing on my blog so not to offend anyone... It was hard not to express myself how I'm used to expressing myself :)