{Future} Home Sweet Home

Monday, January 28, 2013

Adding another home purchase to the list

Rob has wanted to a newer, bigger TV for years. We kept putting it off because we didn't have space, we didn't have the money, we didn't need it. We knew we would need a bigger TV for the new house since there is a great distance from the wall where the TV would be & the kitchen and I like to see what's going on while I'm cooking. Plus the loft would be empty so we planned to put our current entertainment center & TV in it for Rob to play his PS3.

Well we knew based on previous research that the prices are the best the week before Super Bowl, and since his birthday is today, we knew it was either buy one this weekend or hold off until next Super Bowl.

So off shopping we went & were happily surprised when we found we could upgrade to a 60" for only $150 more than the 55" Samsung we have had our eye on. We put it on layaway so we didn't have to worry about buying & bringing it home just to move it again in four weeks, plus we ended up saving $800 with the sale (and you know from my fridge post, I love saving money)!
Checking out the selection at Best Buy
Our new TV!
And at Sears