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Friday, January 25, 2013

Our weekly PM update

After a rough week of weather with the freezing temps at night capped off with a beautiful day of sleet a lot of things got done on your home. The siding distributor delivered the wrong siding and we caught it after the majority was up. They were taking down and putting up once the correct siding was delivered. They were actually very efficient in doing so. The stone at the front was installed also this week. Inside we got out of drywall, primed the walls, started interior trim and cabinets. Due to the weather today the cabinet contractor ended early and will be finishing up tomorrow. Next week we will have the drywall point up, 2nd paint and the vinyl and ceramic floor coverings. At the end of the week we should start final trades. Tuesday the painter is scheduled and the forecast is for 72 degrees so, we should be able to paint the exterior.
Outside we will be working on underground power, gas, water and sewer. Once they are installed we will be ready for exterior landscaping.

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